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RICHMum Program & CFOMum by Jodie Nolan

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Always worried about money?
Our RICHMum Program is
the solution you’ve been looking for.


Learn how to be a RICHMum from the expert herself, Jodie Nolan. Coaching is available on a 1 on 1 basis or in small groups.

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Monique Parker

So many women reached and
so many lives changed — Forever!!!


Economist, Financial Author & Coach

Jodie Nolan has been called one of Australia’s most admired and respected financial educators and Business Coach. With a Masters in Applied Finance, Jodie is a best-selling author, corporate presenter and the mastermind behind the CFOMum’s revolutionary approach to financial education for families. Her passion for finance, the global economy and talent for communicating the often arduous jargon, has made her highly sought after for various business or networking groups and individual coaching. With over 20 years extensive financial experience and a Master’s education, Jodie is author of two best-selling books ‘Read My Lips’ and ‘Surviving the Storm’ and is a contributing columnist and expert panel for numerous financial publications. Jodie believes the key to a person’s financial success involves being adequately educated, and she strives hard to change the face of Australia’s financial literacy issues person at a time. Jodie is passionate about improving financial literacy amongst individuals of all ages and small business communities. In line with this, Jodie established EQUIS Group – a ‘no strings attached, no sales and no jargon’ coaching & education company that allows people the opportunity to learn the financial basics in a non-pressured, affordable and easy to understand forum and the ‘money smart’ forum for woman CFOMum. CFOMum empowers women, who are often the Chief Financial Officer of their own, to take the power back in their own money situation with the hugely popular RICHMum program.


Yours FREE

As a mother of two small children and a passionate advocate of financial awareness. I have designed this short eBook to assist and support caring parents in teaching their own children about the importance of money.
Teaching your children about money is such a lovely gift that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Success Stories & Changed Lives

Monique Parker

Jodie Nolan is like my money BFF – her programs have helped me to effectively track and manage my finances and show me how I an keep more!!!

We so hard and it’s important that we get what we do have to ‘work’ for us so that we can create a stable and secure future.

If you want to stop stressing about money and become the BOSS of your finances, Jodie will show you how – making if fun, sassy, and totally do-able for even the business boss ladies.

M Kent

I simply cannot thank Jodie enough for her well thought out, practical and value-packed program.  As a busy working mum of 3 young children, I found myself swamped in bills and seemingly never-ending expenses with little-to-no time dedicated to budgeting.  This program has been a complete life changer, with easy to understand information, achievable hints and tips, and a clear guide for how to make a tangible difference in my family’s financial future.  I have gone from the stress of living pay-to-pay, to being easily able to set aside money each week without feeling like I’m sacrificing everything to do so.  This program is worth FAR more than the meagre $47 I paid – it has given me the tools I needed to take back control of my family finances, it’s given me a clear plan for the future, and it’s given me something money can’t buy – financial freedom.  Thanks again Jodie, your support has been invaluable and has exceeded my expectations in every way.

Sally Mauragis

As soon as I heard Jodie speak at a conference on the Sunshine Coast early this year about her knowledge in the financial markets, the lessons learnt along the way and her vision for the future I knew it was worthwhile following up. I signed my teenage daughters and myself up for the mini financial 6 week online course and I have then commenced a mastermind group to learn and collaborate about business in the wellness industry. Her passion for finance and in particular empowering others to take positive steps is valuable especially in the times we are all presently in today. I am very grateful for the opportunity Jodie provides and recommend her to those who are on a journey to learn more about the basics of money, taking control of your family budget and have a better understanding to starting up a business. Jodie provides sound advice to further where you are at right now to get you ahead with clarity and confidence.

Anthea Harvey

I’m a busy working woman and I’m also trying to start my own business. I heard Jodie speaking a few years ago and I was instantly captivated by her intelligence, her passion and her incredible ability to take all things complex financially and translate them into layman’s terms and make them sound simple.

Since working with Jodie she has helped me make decisions about investing in my self-managed super fund, how to structure my own business and also how to structure my finances for future retirement.

I can’t recommend highly enough working with Jodie if you want someone who is genuine, authentic and passionate about their field.

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LIVE RICHMum events are jammed packed with all the juicy, fast-track solutions you’ve been looking for to take control of your financial