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Economist, Financial Author & Coach

Jodie Nolan has been called one of Australia’s most admired and respected financial educators and Business Coach. With a Masters in Applied Finance, Jodie is a best-selling author, corporate presenter and the mastermind behind the CFOMum’s revolutionary approach to financial education for families. Her passion for finance, the global economy and talent for communicating the often arduous jargon, has made her highly sought after for various business or networking groups and individual coaching. With over 20 years extensive financial experience and a Master’s education, Jodie is author of two best-selling books ‘Read My Lips’ and ‘Surviving the Storm’ and is a contributing columnist and expert panel for numerous financial publications. Jodie believes the key to a person’s financial success involves being adequately educated, and she strives hard to change the face of Australia’s financial literacy issues person at a time. Jodie is passionate about improving financial literacy amongst individuals of all ages and small business communities. In line with this, Jodie established EQUIS Group – a ‘no strings attached, no sales and no jargon’ coaching & education company that allows people the opportunity to learn the financial basics in a non-pressured, affordable and easy to understand forum and the ‘money smart’ forum for woman CFOMum. CFOMum empowers women, who are often the Chief Financial Officer of their own, to take the power back in their own money situation with the hugely popular RICHMum program.

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