RICHMum Program

You are so OVER IT.  You are sick of worrying about money (or the lack of it!) and you want it fixed. NOW.

And you’ve got absolutely no idea where to start.

Whether you are drowning in a mountain of debt, struggling to make ends meet or kinda OK but want to really nail the whole ‘financially well off’ title, then you’ve come to the right place.

After 20 years in the financial industry, making millions and then losing the lot in 2008 GFC, I totally understand how hard it is to recover from a financial mess.  But I’ve done it.  I’m doing it.  And I’ve put everything I know about how to get from a ‘mess to success’ down in this course so you can to!

Rich people are not luckier, smarter, or more ambitious than the rest of us?  They simply know things (and do certain things) that maybe we could learn and do, too?

Does it feel impossible to get ahead?

That’s what this course is about.  At your own pace, devour it all.  Re-read chapters and truly soak in all the different elements till it becomes second nature.  It’s bite size, brilliant bits of knowledge that will seriously change how money shows up in your world.

Less stress – just more money and happiness.

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Jodie Nolan Author

Module 1: Your Relationship with Money & Why It’s Holding You Back

Module 2: Your Financial Overhaul Made Easy

Module 3: Dominate The Debt. Take Back The Control

Module 4: Need More Money NOW

Module 5: Smart Saving Strategies

Module 6: Educate & Empower YOU

Module 7: Investment Talk

Module 8: Insurance Issues

Module 9: The Steps To Real Wealth