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Jodie Nolan Talking All Things Money | The Wellness Couch

The GFC managed to strip her wealth from her, but that didn’t stop her, she is back and has some wonderful advise for people looking to do better financially than where they are now.

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When money needs a miracle,

Jodie Nolan has the answers

What started out as a conversation about the global economic condition, ended in a powerful wrap up of what it takes to create an empowered relationship with money. Let’s face it, everyone rides a bit of a roller coaster with money from time to time and as I love to say, ‘when emotion is high, intelligence is low’ and no more relevant is this statement, than when it comes to money.

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Territory FM

Mel chats with Economist and Mum of 2 Jodie Nolan and gets some great tips in time for Chrissy

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Talking All Things Money

Jodie is a friend of the Up For A Chatters, she purchased her first investment property at 19 and was a self-made millionaire long before she hit her 30’s.

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Think Grow Rich


There have always been professionals associated with brokerage firms that make their living from trading, but it wasn’t until the last decade, with significant advancements in technology, that the average investor had direct access to the markets.

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This is not a new topic or concept. Couples are always searching for new answers to an age old question – how do you afford a family? Deciding to start a family can be the biggest decision you will ever make. When is the right time?

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Book Overview & Interview

With time out of the workforce raising children and generally lower rates of pay, women need to pay special attention to protecting their financial future. Self-made millionaire, mother, financial expert and best-selling author Jodie Nolan highlights an important need for women to start putting in place strategies to build their wealth in her new book ‘Surviving the Storm’.

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Surviving The Storm

By the time she’d reached her early 30s, life couldn’t have been rosier for financial advisor Jodie Nolan. A self-made millionaire, she was living in her dream home, working a job she loved and planning a family.

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Rich Girl Under Construction – 3 Powerful Wealth Strategies

One of the biggest goals for many women is to become financially secure, sooner rather than later and to kick butt when it comes to creating their own wealth.  Beyoncé kindly points out, ‘best revenge is your paper’, but exactly how do you drive your own financial success?

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Jodie Nolan went from losing everything to becoming a millionaire at the age of 29. She shares her tips for getting out of debt and back into the black – and proves that anyone can become money smart.

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Book born from financial conflict

BESTSELLING author Jodie Nolan will be at Gympie Library this Thursday from 10.30am to talk about all of the things you need to know about money.

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Making money after the Storm

An insider at Storm Financial is back in business, writes Stuart Washington.

Jodie Nolan is walking and talking a fine line. On one hand the bright, charming woman sitting next to me at lunch is at ease in a world of opportunity.

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THE council is giving those who want to learn more about dealing with their finances a helping hand.

It wants residents interested in obtaining tips to improve personal finances to join Jodi Nolan — author of Surviving the Storm; how to start with nothing and make millions — for an educational talk and book signing on March 5,  2012 at Caloundra Library.

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Jodie Nolan was a self-made millionaire by 29, lost it all in unfortunate circumstances, and is now rebuilding her wealth via a successful business and writing career.

She has 15 years’ experience in financial planning and a Masters Degree in applied finance and she runs a financial education company. In this self-help book, she uses her “insider knowledge” and experience to provide a step-by-step guide to managing your money.

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