Private Financial Coaching

Chances are you’ve clicked through to read this NOW because you aren’t exactly thrilled with your financial situation, business profitability or worried you are missing something. 

Maybe you are actually great with your money, but want to take things to the next level; play a bigger game!

Regardless of your situation, worrying about money issues can be paralysing, overwhelming and leave you confused and out of control.  If this is you, the good news is that it’s only the EMOTION of money, not the tangible issue that is the problem and in most cases, having an expert assess your situation and offer solutions can bring about serious peace of mind.  If you are sick of living week to week, want to better understand your business financials or make good investment decisions then we need to talk.

Not having your financial affairs in order keeps you from enjoying your life; it wastes valuable time and can often strains even the finest relationships. 

I’ve worked extensively with individuals, couples and small business owners.  I have 20+ years in the financial services industry, a Master’s Degree in Finance and I have a very clear appreciation of winning and losing in the financial world.

I’ve walked the talk.  I get it.  I know what it’s like to be wealthy; what it is like to accelerate growth in business, but I also understand how very real, heartbreaking and hard the road can be to recover from loss or start again.

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Clients are often referred to me when they feel they don’t know where to start to turn things around or who to trust to help make sound financial decisions.  They are generally go-getters who are keen to cut through the financial noise and learn what they need to KNOW in a financial sense and ACTION to get ahead.  

Like any industry be it sport, music or business, successful people appreciate they can’t be experts in every area of their life.  They realise the importance of a coach or mentor to fast-track their goals and accelerate their results – to take the pain out of their financial decisions and enjoy tangible and measurable outcomes!!

The best thing about financial coaching is the ability to see very quickly how the results are progressing.  You’ve heard the term if you can ‘measure it, you can manage it’.  That’s how I like to operate and very quickly you can see you get ‘bang for buck’ with private coaching.  Work with me for a month or stay on my client list long term, it’s totally up to you.  No contracts, no formal commitments; just a willingness to push through the financial struggle and take things to the next level. 

I keep my one-on-one coaching clients to a limited number to ensure my workload is maintainable and my focus is on my clients.  I DO NOT and WILL NOT sell you any financial products or refer you to financial institutions or give formal traditional financial advice.  I have all of the experience, qualifications and history of an academic financial adviser, without the worry of being subtly coerced into products, investments or strategies.  Any work, due diligence and planning we do together is purely in the best interests of YOU.  Having said that, I often work closely with client’s existing trusted advisers to ensure all avenues of their financial situation are addressed.

I am very transparent about pricing and prefer to keep a fixed coaching price to keep everyone happy so there are no surprise invoices.  I offer a free ½ hour phone consultation, with no obligation whatsoever, so that you can discuss your situation and we can work out a potential strategy going forward.  Depending on your needs and objectives, there are three different packages outlined below.

Coaching fees may be tax deductible and payment plans are available.  90% of the time, the financial improvements we make in the first month well and truly cover coaching fees for the time we are working together, and of course you reap the reward with knowledge & infrastructure going forward.  It is affordablehighly effective and creates long-term real financial gains.

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